Whats in my Campervan – Domestic Inventory



All our motorhomes come with a full domestic inventory which is detailed below.  The equipment is pro rata per berth of the vehicle so a 4 berth will have sets x 4 and a 6 berth will have 6 sets.

Domestic Motorhome Inventory





6 x Forks

6 x Knives

6 x Spoons

6 x Teaspoons

1x Bread Knife

1 x Chefs Knife

1 x Utility Knife

2 x Wooden Spoons

1 x Tin Opener

1 x Cork Screw

1 x Scissors

1 x Bottle Opener

1 x Fish Slice

2 x Serving Spoons


Pots and Pans


1 x Kettle (Gas)

3 x Saucepans

1 x frying pan

1 x Oven Pan

1 x Chopping Board


1 x Salt & Pepper Set


Crockery / Tableware


6 x Tumblers

6 x Wine glasses

6 x Mugs

6 x Large Plates

6 x Small Plates

6 x Bowls

Coffee pot

Cheese grator

Plastic container tea / coffee

Pyrex jug

Pyrex dish.


1 x Dustpan & Brush

6 x Fluorescent Vest / Jacket

1 x Emergency First Aid Kit







1 x Extension Lead 25m & Carrying Case & European Adaptor if applicable

1 x Hosepipe & Attachments  (Fresh Water)

2 x Levelling Ramps

1 x Fire extinguisher

1 x set of spare bulbs

1x Silver Screen (Thermal)

1 x Emergency Vehicle Kit

1 x Warning Triangle

6 x Chairs

1 x Outside Table

1 x TV / DVD Player

1 x Radio / CD Head

1 x  Bike Rack (Coachbuilt Motorhomes only) 



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